Friday, October 8, 2010

Rising claims the former executives was leaked 2.31 million

Rising news recently been, since the company's former vice president of Gordon (a pseudonym) was indicted for reselling plug-in after another former vice president of Rising Company Tien Liu shareholders of the Company by the Rising of the East set up Information Technology Co. Ltd. Micro-Point today on suspicion of violating commercial secrets be told by the company on the Rising Haidian Court, claims 2.31 million yuan.

Rising said that from July 1997 to March 2004, the Mr. Tian worked at the Rising, and the company signed a "confidentiality agreement." January 2005, the company's founders and shareholders Rising Liu set up Beijing Oriental Information Technology Co., Ltd. Micro-point, a month later, Mr. Tian to the research and development company vice president in charge. Meanwhile, Mr. Tian twice to use their hands in the Rising download virus samples for the SOPHOS the way the company for the Eastern Micro Point download virus samples, and the virus samples stored in the mobile hard disk, pay technicians testing antivirus software.

Rising believes that the second defendant's conduct constituted a violation of commercial secrets, unfair competition, causing heavy economic losses, according sued the court, requesting the Court to order the defendant to stop infringement, compensate 2.31 million yuan of economic losses, an apology.

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