Friday, October 22, 2010

PRD employment "upward", "Labor Shortage" moved to the Mainland

October 22 afternoon, the company diverted from Smart Union out of Miss Song, won his salary after 3 months prepared to return home to find work in Yongzhou.

PRD export-oriented economy experienced the "winter" period, corporate bankruptcies, workers unemployed inevitable; and Mainland companies are open to the embrace heartily absorb workers from returning home.

Represents a barometer of the national industrial restructuring in Dongguan, the first to show that the population of employment changes in the environment. With the central and western regions of coastal industries to shift, "Labor Shortage" from the coast to the Mainland, and coastal craft talents more in fashion and business and employment conditions and environment are also changing. The financial crisis line, transition period the population of the employment environment has also changed in their wake.

"Labor Shortage" from the coast to the Mainland

Dongguan City, the United States and Asia in the Non-woven Products Co., Ltd. is located in the northern part of Shilong Town, Dongguan City, the company recently posted a recruitment notice to trick 10 general workers, the results come less than a half-day there are hundreds of people register.

"Now the recruitment situation and the situation two years ago is quite different, as long as I hear that giant strokes general industry, announced one, there is a lot of people to candidates." Shilong long do "search" in Wang introduced this year, the scene recently of some large companies in the local frequent.

Since last year, subject to the minimum wage raise, RMB appreciation, electricity, raw material prices and other factors, many of Dongguan strength bad for business failures or transfer, this part of the original general industrial enterprises will be forced to divert.

Shilong Zhenmou e-business is an example. In order to maintain the survival of the company, this year will be reduced to half of the orders, and reduce the number of employees from 500 down to 200 out of 300 people was diverted back into the labor market is. Streaming out of these employees are not willing to leave, will continue to find work in Dongguan. In this way, industries and enterprises with the difficult issue of recruitment have also been relatively ease.

According to local source describes this situation in Humen Town, Dongguan City Changan Town, where other more labor-intensive enterprises have emerged. In Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, the situation is similar to varying degrees.

And coastal cities is different is that some mainland to accept the "double shift" of the city began to appear, "Labor Shortage." According to "Wuhan Evening News" reported on August 17, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the take-off career in the recruitment market was held, more than 3000, including general workers, operatives, etc., post, went only a few staff jobs 100 people. This is the first time in the summer of Wuhan shortage of workers.

Just recently, inland parts of the report on the shortage of workers have emerged: the northern Gulf Economic Zone in Guangxi in the first half of this year to undertake 49 projects in eastern industrial shift, resulting shortfall of nearly 5,000 migrant workers; labor export of Anhui province last year, up employment gaps more than 40 million people, this year may still increase ... ...

Many enterprises in the western provinces, from last year actually find workers, "Labor Shortage" to the central and western regions, and this has become the new trend of the economy of China's population.

Growing coastal craft personnel Selling Well

In the Midwest region is to "pick up the basket are food" approach to attract migrant workers when the company asked the workers to improve, but workers also demand salary increase, which in the new "Labor Contract Law" after the enactment of , the job market in the Pearl River Delta has been clearly reflected.

However, businesses on the Internet out of the price tag, so that job seekers feel the same "difference" - as in an electronic business, technology industrial base pay 1,500 yuan / month, while the general workers 730 yuan / month.

Nevertheless, technicians, skilled labor is still a serious lack. Recently held in Dongguan Changan Town Dongguan Shenzhen manufacturing a large-scale special recruitment session, 506 companies offered 11 326 positions, primarily recruit skilled workers and technicians, but has only about 7,000 job seekers.

Guangzhou Bai Ming Dayton senior human resources management consulting firm, consultant meet Yiqun analysts believe that the current number of low-tech processing and manufacturing companies both a decrease in labor demand, a number of strong brands and businesses are increasing demands for qualified personnel.

Current industrial structure adjustment, so that the PRD enterprises to enter a new round of reshuffling, but also for employment for a round of shuffling. There are indications that the PRD both supply and demand job market towards "polarization" direction of change: a powerful enterprises, professionals worry about bills, and strong job-seekers, then worry about looking for work. And vice versa.

"Part of the competitive migrant workers will be with the urbanization and urbanization, the other part will have to be forced out of the job market." Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Sociology and Population Studies that Zheng Zhen Zi, let P work flow from the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong wings or the Mainland, so that high-skilled workers to stay in the Pearl River Delta, this is the decision-makers expect the situation across the Pearl River Delta. Current population structure of employment has been a market adjustment mechanism, so the local government's employment policy and population policy may remain in a long time.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Xi Guohua, vice minister of MII: China's 3G licenses around four factors

Yesterday conducted the work of China Telecom Group meeting in 2007, despite the Ministry of Information Industry Xi Guohua, Vice Minister again stressed the "3G licenses being issued when the study, no conclusion." But he has further pointed out that China 3G licenses payment depends on four factors:

First, products, technology, business maturity.

And Xi pointed out that TD-SCDMA has been basically mature.

Second, the competitive landscape of the optimization. Xi Guohua clear that China's current telecom market is facing a serious imbalance in the competitive landscape. China Mobile, a single large, thriving new business telecom operation this year, revenues and profits in China Mobile accounted for 70% -80%. In contrast with China Mobile is growing more difficult for fixed network operators.

"We have recognized that mobile business license issued less. China Mobile and China Unicom unequal strength, not form effective competition." Xi Guohua said yesterday, Ministry of Information Industry is stepping up research, how to adjust regulatory policies, such as issuing 3G mobile licenses, the implementation of all business operations to reverse this pattern, it is necessary to prevent duplication, but also to compete effectively.

The third is the intellectual property rights. Xi Guohua stressed, 3G-standard intellectual property fees must be reasonable, too easy to create a monopoly, would lead to the results of human civilization will hinder the application.

Fourth is the need to fully support TD-SCDMA. Xi Guohua said the Ministry of Information Industry is doing a recent evaluation report, the basic view that "TD-SCDMA basic conditions for the commercialization": The testing results show the core TD-SCDMA has independent intellectual property rights standards and technology, is feasible in principle, can set a large network, although there are still some problems, but the construction and application in the future can be resolved gradually. For the follow-up TD-SCDMA development, Xi said, "The industry is developing technology evolution roadmap."

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Rising claims the former executives was leaked 2.31 million

Rising news recently been, since the company's former vice president of Gordon (a pseudonym) was indicted for reselling plug-in after another former vice president of Rising Company Tien Liu shareholders of the Company by the Rising of the East set up Information Technology Co. Ltd. Micro-Point today on suspicion of violating commercial secrets be told by the company on the Rising Haidian Court, claims 2.31 million yuan.

Rising said that from July 1997 to March 2004, the Mr. Tian worked at the Rising, and the company signed a "confidentiality agreement." January 2005, the company's founders and shareholders Rising Liu set up Beijing Oriental Information Technology Co., Ltd. Micro-point, a month later, Mr. Tian to the research and development company vice president in charge. Meanwhile, Mr. Tian twice to use their hands in the Rising download virus samples for the SOPHOS the way the company for the Eastern Micro Point download virus samples, and the virus samples stored in the mobile hard disk, pay technicians testing antivirus software.

Rising believes that the second defendant's conduct constituted a violation of commercial secrets, unfair competition, causing heavy economic losses, according sued the court, requesting the Court to order the defendant to stop infringement, compensate 2.31 million yuan of economic losses, an apology.

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Europe and the United States will not be outsourced as "mirage"?


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Europe and the United States will not be outsourced as "mirage"?

Due to geographical and cultural proximity, China's software outsourcing market was first started in Japan, and the Government's policy is also the first Japanese-oriented market-oriented. But the United States is the world's largest software contracting market, accounting for 65% of the global software market share contracting. In comparison, Japan accounted for only occupy the global software market contracted by 10%. Since 2005, domestic software companies on the European software outsourcing market expected to rapidly increase up.

"The next few years is the European market, Chinese software companies to develop the most critical moment, the development of the situation is excellent and full of opportunities, but if you fail to seize this opportunity, the possibility of the industry-wide collapse is very big, so the situation remains serious. "China Software Industry Association Chairman Chen, obviously worried about the future of the software industry.

From 2003 to UFIDA Software Engineering, Beyondsoft Worksoft and represented the main European and American markets do Chinese software outsourcing enterprises began to grow rapidly, which, UFIDA Software Engineering in 2004 and 2005 revenues of up to 278% annual growth and 489 percent in 2005, export 5.6 million U.S. dollars. UF Software Engineering is the outsourcing market in Europe and America to do one of the model has begun to contact customers from Europe and the United States the fourth order. In view of customers in the U.S. has been strictly adhering to the "price according to quality as" principle, strictly for selection in each project suppliers, so UF can get the trust, it is not easy.

CCW Research Analyst Fan Yuxiong analysis that the United States is the world's largest software contracting market, accounting for 65% of the global software market share contracting. In contrast, the Japanese occupied the world's only 10% of software contracting market, but also business projects in Europe and America than the Japanese business profits, Europe and the United States the average profit margin of 20%, while the Japanese software services outsourcing industry average only 10% of profits.

The temptation to large U.S. and European markets

Due to geographical and cultural proximity, China's software outsourcing market was first started in Japan, and the Government's earlier policy, also for the Japanese market-oriented, domestic software outsourcing enterprises rank among the top scale, and are outsourcing to Japan enterprise.

But another situation can not be ignored, the United States as the world's largest software contracting market, accounting for 65% of the global software market share of contracting, contracting market, the Japanese software only 10% of the world. IDC has to statistics, U.S. companies to foreign companies contracted volume from 5.5 billion in 2000 rose to 17.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2005, the United States the size of each software Order 1400 billion U.S. dollars, about 20% of the software need to send orders commission processing abroad, probably more than 70% of U.S. software companies have chosen to software outsourcing.

CCW Research survey software outsourcing company in Beijing, business income, on software outsourcing services business accounted for 49.8%, 45.5% of the European business from India and other parts of China and Hong Kong accounted for 4.7%. According to founder Chris Chen Worksoft observation, Chinese companies outsourcing business to Japan's growth rate is slowing. Through investigation, CCW Research Analyst Fan Yuxiong found business very fast growth in Europe and America, nearly 2 / 3 of the medium and large enterprises are reflected on software outsourcing services company to maintain steady business growth, while Europe and the United States growing more rapidly the software outsourcing business higher than the beginning of the year.

Although the outsourcing market in China, more than half of the business comes from Japan, but China has received only of Japan's total business volume of external contracting in 1 to 2%, so it was said that the Japanese outsourcing market is still very much open space great. But Chris Chen told reporters, "I have not heard of outsourcing in Japan is much room for this argument, the size depends on how specific companies, many Japanese companies IT systems are completed in China, though outsourcing is a kind of trend, but for Japan it would not be a national policy. "

The Chinese company is concerned, more long-term stability of the Japanese outsourcing market, Japanese companies tend to set up joint venture in China, on the one hand is easy to enhance control, the other joint venture share profits from the project. In the Fan Yuxiong view, the level of Japan's software in the world is not strong, the overall software development level is relatively backward, with the world's second largest economy in the identity of the subject can not meet; but the Japanese total number of software outsourcing business, mainly is because the Japanese electronics industry is well developed, and matched with the demand of embedded software is very large, some joint venture in Japan shares the company's outsourcing business has done more, mainly because Japanese companies tend to these enterprises contracting a number of large projects.

In Chris Chen seems to do Europe and the United States outsourcing business has made tens of thousands of people can scale enterprises, while outsourcing to Japan is very difficult to do. From now, China has just set up a software outsourcing company is basically the main European and American business, and all appeared from 2004 to 2005. If you choose to outsource to Japan, the first slow pace of development, the second limited profit margins. "If you can seize market opportunities in Europe and America, got a big list, companies immediately got up." Fan Yuxiong that Europe and the United States market is the best help a software company to achieve rapid growth.

Japan's software outsourcing market to do a business owner complained to reporters: the company 10 years ago we had four or five individuals, 10 years later, our company is still only four or five individuals. Ten years ago, what we are doing in 10 years we basically had to do similar. Make room for growth in outsourcing business in Japan is limited, but very stable, the profits of a few million dollars a year to accept it.

UFIDA Gong Cheng Shao Kai, president of the reporters said: Japanese companies often will Xiangmufenge De Bijiaoqingxi Xi Zhi, Chinese enterprises can directly Xiebianmajiu, Zhe Ji Hu Chenglehangye market Dingshi. But this does not mean that we should let go of the Japanese market to UFIDA Software Engineering, for example, nearly three years, outsourcing of its profits to Japan also continued to grow rapidly. Shao Kai reminded reporters that the software outsourcing business model must be improved to attract more high-end business.

European and American markets with high barriers

General trend, the United States is biased in favor of the large projects to India, a small project to China. India, Israel, Ireland, the software outsourcing market in Europe and the United States position is still important.

Japan's software outsourcing projects are usually contracted by the Japanese companies, and then through the decomposition will be followed by one low-tech, artificial demand for higher processing business to Chinese software enterprises, staff size and project complexity is relatively small; the U.S. software Outsourcing the outsourcing of general holistic approach, put forth requirements outsourcer, then Wrapped need to complete the Jitongsheji, detail She Ji, Fen Jie module, the module works Shi Xian, needs amendment, the implementation of Geng Zheng, Ce Shi, systems integration, onsite installation and Shouhoufuwu such a series, called for outsourcing service providers large staff, the project development cycle is relatively long and that the supplier has a certain scale and the experience of developing large projects. Shao Kai think that the Chinese enterprises is still very difficult.

The veterans, a software company asked a U.S. customer: China to do business in software outsourcing to Japan you know? That know each other; and then he asked, you know Chinese people do want to give U.S. companies outsourcing it? That know each other; the boss asked, letting go if you have items that you give the Chinese people? Thought that U.S. customers: We will consider the Chinese people. But the end result, he handed over to Indian companies to do the project.

Shao Kai analyzed that the whole of China software enterprises received U.S. and European markets combined software projects, about 60% of the volume of business is done in the Chinese mainland, rather than in the United States. Enterprises, for Europe and the United States, and India's cooperation has been very much at home, have great confidence in each other, cooperation is also smooth; If they want to replace a Chinese software company as a partner, they have to be considered again, which implies that the cost of risk and control risk .

"Americans still do not understand Chinese enterprises, Chinese enterprises do outsourcing, then the Vietnamese and Filipinos are the Russians doing outsourcing, and cost are relatively low, why give the Chinese people do?" Said Shao Kai, China brand enterprises have not yet formed, and when it can form a brand, said that was not clear that China is in many places in this area blank. China's software outsourcing development in Europe and America have not yet reached a very fast start-up phase.

If U.S. customers simply rated according to quality, shop around, the Chinese enterprises and Indian companies basically the game is compared to China's labor costs, especially in Beijing and Shanghai are not lower than the others. And only the price advantage does not work, but also has ability to deliver. Now to China to explore business customers in the U.S., are expected to have on the Chinese market through outsourcing such cooperation, to feel the pulse of the Chinese market, for future strategic cooperation in China, laying the foundation.

Chris Chen said: "The overall U.S. outsourcing to India is concerned, for China, this project is not over." Shao Kay also believes that the present situation, not really Chinese enterprises to expand the formation of such a major trend in European and American markets This situation has not yet opened.

Fan Yuxiong that the European software outsourcing market to open up the cost is very high, an enterprise to form a certain brand, you must participate in various exhibitions, many of the costs required; addition, the Chinese enterprises to set up offices abroad, and locally recruited staff spend more. The average salary for the U.S. operator, each employee's annual salary of nearly 10 million, nearly one million Renminbi, which for weak profits for the software industry is a big burden. And even called a few local staff to the offices of this size may not be able to quickly achieve results. Domestic software enterprises now common practice strokes returnees and expatriates, 500,000 yuan for each four can be coped with. However, to go abroad or be the subject of a very high cost, which is placed in front of a difficult enterprise in China is also going to have to step out.

To forge ahead with difficult

Infosys is India's largest software outsourcing companies, back in 2000 started to work with TIBCO. "Recently, TIBCO recognizes the strength of Worksoft and development prospects, decided to develop such products from Infosys to Worksoft." Appears in Chris Chen, Infosys is big brother to learn Chinese software companies, from big brother grabbed the hands of business is definitely a landmark event. 2006 Spring Festival, Chris Chen led Evans to dozens of employees took over the TIBCO Business India Infosys, Chris Chen lament that it is a good start.

Joan Chen on China's software outsourcing market to develop business in Europe and America affirmed, he told reporters that China's slightly larger and foreign companies are basically well-known software companies, consulting firms have business contacts, which have achieved market to Europe and the United States a first step across. "A few years ago, Europe and the United States market, Chinese enterprises get in, and this years European and American customers have come to understand the capacity of China's software enterprises, previously to study the venture capital firm in China is very much cast down, but really very few large projects . but since last year, venture capital investment company began to cast down, which is the ability of software enterprises in China was recognized as a proof. "appears in Joan Chen, Microsoft China, in the soft, Mandarin, and better explain the wave of funding in China corporate brand image and be recognized.

From now, Chinese companies doing outsourcing business with Japan to a certain extent, the attention began to tilt to the U.S. and European markets, and some major companies do U.S. and European markets also began to reach the Japanese market. UFIDA software engineering strategy is the first step to achieve success in the Japanese market; second step is to turn China's domestic market; the third step in the establishment of Europe and the United States Division in early 2005, the official opening European markets.

Shao Kai analysis said that the Chinese market and the demand is very similar to the U.S. market, in addition to cultural and language differences, the technical and management are similar.

Project from the European and American markets a variety of forms, some of our customers IT information technology project due to cost considerations no longer purchase the products of large international companies, but directly to the development of Chinese companies, which is often a high-end business , profit margins are very high, but also great difficulty. Fan Yuxiong told reporters that this type of outsourcing more than 50% profit margin.

Joan Chen said that the larger the domestic software enterprises have been equipped to accept the scale of 500 to 1000 list, U.S. and European markets and Japan's, various forms of list, it depends on how much energy you have.

"U.S. and European companies are now looking to the business or home more, they will be because of the geopolitical, or do not want too much development in India, or the Chinese and the vast Chinese market." Chris Chen thinks that this is a very good time. According to Fan Yuxiong predicted that China's software outsourcing business in Europe and America market, the business growth of up to 50% per year, and this growth continued in 2035 is not a problem.

Software industry has recently emerged is not a revolutionary product, has been in a state of steady development, the international division of labor has been relatively stable, such as Ireland and India, the service characteristics of localization also has been formed a few years ago, but for China Now is a good opportunity. International software technology is not much innovation on, China has been consistent rapid economic Fa Zhan, and internationally are called first-class infrastructure, coupled with China's domestic demand has a huge Xu Qiu, Joan appears in the Chuangxinliliang China better than India's software .

There are still problems to be solved

An anonymous industry sources, the "credibility of Chinese enterprises is also very worthy of attention, European and American clients on the Chinese software enterprises were inspected often to consider the most honest on the front, while Chinese enterprises some of the practices of some lack of good faith, has led to U.S. and European companies in China produce an overall lack of business integrity of misunderstanding. "

"Deal with the U.S. and European companies, must not pit him." Joan Chen believes that the first important principle is integrity, "U.S. and European companies against Chinese companies always stressed the protection of intellectual property, in fact, I am sorry people say that you do not faith, engage in piracy . Credibility is the foundation, no integrity, the rest of discussion, but smashed a brand, people will not give you list. "

In addition, Joan Chen also believes that China's software enterprises is too weak and small, so more Chinese software companies the ability to own, industry environment and market for scientific analysis. The cultivation of various enterprises can not across the board, to different levels, to their own strengths, in order to form a complete industrial chain. Second, the domestic software enterprises to truly Union up to strict self-discipline necessary to win as a starting point.

Shao Kai said China, a software outsourcing any of the existing enterprises are not capable of a powerful enemy like India confrontation. The success of Indian companies rely heavily on "India's software" is a unified brand. China's software industry and Indian companies in the U.S. and European markets, as well as United States at war, they also need the "China Software" such a unified brand and unified phalanx, unified force. The owner of a domestic software enterprises have adopted the relationship between a friend to San Francisco to visit an American customer, while the customer's door on the day before the Indians had just been struck. "Chinese people can think of almost all U.S. clients in the door was knocked all over India, and China in Europe and the United States is India's biggest rival." The boss told reporters: "The United States came to China is not a simple client software outsourcing business , are hidden behind big market in China with focus on strategic attempt to truly large-scale procurement of services for IT customers do not how to enter China, the main business or to India. "The boss do not want to be named a A simple comparison of the data: Europe and the United States arrived in China the number of volume of business or company less than 5%, 95% of software companies have not been to China.

Fan Yuxiong pointed out that Japanese companies are a strong strategic intent of outsourcing is cost savings, and Japanese companies on the Chinese market to understand fully, they must project outsourcing to Chinese companies often will not be too much profit. Meanwhile, the Japanese business partners in China is very careful study, often the first to come up with a few million for small projects as a stepping stone, if done well, then the amount to upgrade the project. In order to get this piece of brick between the Chinese enterprises are often lower prices, or even lose money bid for future price increases caused difficulty.

Joan Chen also warned the domestic software enterprises will not be too impetuous, not to see the great potential of European and American markets, they want to eat a fat one, the Chinese enterprises the ability to know their location where they where innovation.

"Do not think I was offered money to vote, then I can find my list of people who pull these two problem-solving everything will be fine, it is not right, Indian companies would not do so. Joan Chen stressed that the more the situation is good, people's minds, the easier fever, loss of reason, speaking for the software industry, the Government should also take into account all aspects of the point to consider, it might drag on the overall situation.

IDC's data also noted that U.S. companies bidding to foreign companies, from 5.5 billion in 2000 rose to 17.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2005. The size of annual software orders the United States has 140 billion U.S. dollars, about 20% of the software sent to foreign orders need to delegate processing. Probably more than 70% of U.S. software companies have chosen to software outsourcing.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Compilation of various source code - free

name free
page 60,132
title''FREE --- Report free space on disk''

; FREE --- a utility to report free space on
; The default or selected disk drive.
; Requires PC-DOS or MS-DOS 2.0.
; Used in the form:
; A> FREE [unit:]
; (Item in square brackets is optional)
; Version 1.0 July 4, 1984
; Copyright (c) 1984 by Ray Duncan
; May be freely reproduced for non-commercial use.

cr equ 0dh; ASCII carriage return
lf equ 0ah; ASCII line feed
blank equ 20h; ASCII space code
eom equ''$''; end of string marker

; Here we define a dummy segment containing labels
; For the default file control block and the command tail buffer,
; So that the main program can access those locations.
psp segment para public''PSP''

org 05ch
fcb label byte; default file control block

org 080h
command label byte; default command buffer

psp ends

cseg segment para public''CODE''

assume cs: cseg, ds: psp, es: data, ss: stack

get_drive proc near; get drive selection, if any,
; Otherwise obtain the identity
; Of the current disk drive.
; Return drive (1 = A, 2 = B, etc) in AL.
mov al, fcb; Pick up the drive code, parsed
; By DOS into the default file
; Control block.
or al, al; Is it the default?
jnz get_drive1; no, use it
mov ah, 19h; Yes, get the actual current
int 21h; drive from PC-DOS.
inc al; Increment to match FCB code.
get_drive1:; Return drive code in AL.
get_drive endp

free proc far; entry point from PC-DOS

push ds; save DS: 0000 for final
xor ax, ax; return to PC-DOS
push ax
mov ax, data; make our data segment
mov es, ax; addressable via ES register.
mov ah, 30h; check version of PC-DOS.
int 21h
cmp al, 2
jae free1; proceed, DOS 2.0 or greater.
mov dx, offset msg2; DOS 1.x --- print error message
mov ax, es; and exit. First fix up DS register
mov ds, ax; so error message is addressable.
jmp free4

free1: call get_drive; get drive selection into DL.
push es; copy ES to DS for remainder
pop ds; of the program ...
assume ds: data; and tell assembler about it.
mov dl, al
add al,''A''-1; form drive letter from drive code,
mov outputb, al; and put it into the output string.
mov ah, 36h; now call DOS to get free disk space.
int 21h
cmp ax, -1; was drive invalid?
je free3; yes, go print error message
; Drive was ok, so now registers are ...
; AX = number of sectors per cluster
; BX = available clusters,
; CX = number of bytes per sector,
; DX = total clusters per drive.
; Calculate free space:
mul cx; sectors per cluster backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp bytes per sector
; (We assume this won''t overflow into DX)
mul bx; then backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp available clusters

; DX: AX now contains free space in bytes.
; SI = last byte address for converted string.
mov si, offset (outputa +9)
mov cx, 10; CX = 10, radix for conversion
call bin_to_asc; convert free space value to ASCII,
mov dx, offset output
jmp free4; and print it out.

free3: mov dx, offset msg1; illegal drive, print error

free4: mov ah, 9; print the string whose address
int 21h; is in DX.
ret; then return to DOS.

free endp

; Convert 32 bit binary value to ASCII string.
; Call with DX: AX = signed 32 bit value
; CX = radix
; SI = last byte of area to store resulting string
; (Make sure enough room is available to store
; The string in the radix you have selected.)
; Destroys AX, BX, CX, DX, and SI.
bin_to_asc proc near; convert DX: AX to ASCII.
; Force storage of at least 1 digit.
mov byte ptr [si],''0''
or dx, dx; test sign of 32 bit value,
pushf; and save sign on stack.
jns bin1; jump if it was positive.
not dx; it was negative, take 2''s complement
not ax; of the value.
add ax, 1
adc dx, 0
bin1:; divide the 32 bit value by the radix
; To extract the next digit for the
; Forming string.
mov bx, ax; is the value zero yet?
or bx, dx
jz bin3; yes, we are done converting.
call divide; no, divide by radix.
add bl,''0''; convert the remainder to an ASCII digit.
cmp bl,''9''; we might be converting to hex ASCII,
jle bin2; jump if in range 0-9,
add bl,''A''-''9''-1; correct it if in range AF.
bin2: mov [si], bl; store this character into string.
dec si; back up through string,
jmp bin1; and do it again.
bin3:; restore sign flag,
popf; was original value negative?
jns bin4; no, jump
; Yes, store sign into output string.
mov byte ptr [si ],''-''
bin4: ret; back to caller.
bin_to_asc endp

; General purpose 32 bit by 16 bit unsigned divide.
; This must be used instead of the plain machine unsigned divide
; For cases where the quotient may overflow 16 bits (for example,
; Dividing 100,000 by 2). If called with a zero divisor, this
; Routine returns the dividend unchanged and gives no warning.
; Call with DX: AX = 32 bit dividend
; CX = divisor
; Returns DX: AX = quotient
; BX = remainder
; CX = divisor (unchanged)
divide proc near; Divide DX: AX by CX
jcxz div1; exit if divide by zero
push ax; 0: dividend_upper / divisor
mov ax, dx
xor dx, dx
div cx
mov bx, ax; BX = quotient1
pop ax; remainder1: dividend_lower / divisor
div cx
xchg bx, dx; DX: AX = quotient1: quotient2
div1: ret; BX = remainder2
divide endp

cseg ends

data segment para public''DATA''

output db cr, lf
outputa db 10 dup (blank)
db''bytes free on drive''
outputb db''x:'', cr, lf, eom

msg1 db cr, lf
db''That disk drive does not exist.''
db cr, lf, eom

msg2 db cr, lf
db''Requires DOS version 2 or greater.''
db cr, lf, eom

data ends

stack segment para stack''STACK''
db 64 dup (?)
stack ends

end free

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Science made simple with Flash MX animation scene


1. Making ideas

English Courseware often need to design some animated scenes, we design such a scene animation: the little boy walking in the forest, a few birds flying around, the little boy stopped under a tree, and the rise of to see the nest tree.

2. Material preparation

(1) two little boys walking the pictures are named pic01.jpg, pic02.jpg (Figure 1).

(2) a background image named pic03.jpg.

(3) birds and butterflies, each one animated GIF.


1. Create a blank movie file, the file attributes parameter settings shown in Figure 2.

2. Click the [OK] button, press the previous period have learned ways to the above pictures and GIF animation into the film library panel, from the Library panel, we can see that GIF animation is continuous from the celebratory posed pictures, when, after importing them, Flash will automatically generate the appropriate movie clip.

3. The production of the little boy walk

(1) in the menu bar click "Insert / New symbol ..." command, create a movie clip, named "Little Boy", click [OK] after entering the "Little Boy" movie clip editor.

(2) in the Library panel, select the Pic01.jpg picture, drag it to "Little Boy" movie clip in the arena.

(3) select the picture, press the F8 or the implementation of the "Insert / Convert to symbol ..." command, select the "Graphic", to convert it into a graphic element.

(4) Double-click the picture into the work arena.

(5) The image file background color and background color different, to make animation more realistic, we should remove the background color of the image, which use to the toolbox in the lasso tool (Lasso Tool). Select the image, press "Ctrl + B" or the implementation of the menu bar of the "Modify / Break Apart" command, break up the file.

(6) Select the Lasso tool, it's [Options] There are three options.


Lasso tool is primarily used to select vector objects irregular region, while the polygon lasso tool options in the main rules used to select the object area. Option is mainly used in the Mobanggongju choose the same color or similar color area, click Mobanggongju option, pop-up dialog, "Threshold" value greater that one-time choice of colors Mobanggongju more similar to region large, whereas smaller. The "Smoothing" the extent that the selected area of smooth, generally choose "Normal" mode. The same color as the background image, so select Mobanggongju, the front of the background of a click, and then [Delete] key to remove the background color. If the background color to Debu clean, we can use zoom tool to enlarge the graphics come back clear.

(7) Click the Time Line Panel icon boy, the boy returned to work the stage, select the little boy element, use the arrow keys to move, until its center coincides with the center stage.

(8) In section 10 Department press F7 key, insert a blank key frame, the Pic02.jpg drag a picture to the stage in the work of a small boy.

(9) Repeat the above (3) ~ (7) step, the selected section 20, insert a common frame by F5.

(10) Click the "Enter" key, we can see the little boy walking animation effects.

4. The production of the main scene

Little boy walking movie clip do, we will look at how he walks in the forest.

(1) back to the main scene, the background image onto the stage, the stage and make the picture height and the height of the blank line editor.

(2) implementation of the "Insert / Convert to symbol ..." command, put it into a graphic element.

(3) in section 40 to insert a key frame, and adjust the picture position.

(4) Section 1 and 40 in the picture and the blank editor position shown in Figure 3.

(5) Select the first one, right-click in the pop-up menu select "Create Motion Tween" command, joined the campaign timeline.

(6) lock Layer1 layer, a new layer Layer2, the "Little Boy" movie clip to the stage in drag.

(7) in the menu bar implementation of the "Modify / Transform / Flip Horizontal" command, the little boy turned around to walk horizontally in the direction and inserted in the key frame 40, adjust the location of the boy.

(8) select Layer2 layer of the first one, insert the campaign timeline.

(9) repeat (6) ~ (8) steps, a new layer Layer3 and Layer4, birds and butterflies were to drop to the stage in the film clip.

(10) Press "Ctrl + Enter", we can see the effect of animated friends. To the little boy to stop, we can give each layer of the first 41 to insert a key frame, just where the little boy the first 41 Layer2 Layer Insert a blank key frame, shown in Figure 4.

(11) to pic01.jpg image or drag and drop the appropriate icons to a blank key frame components to readjust the level of its direction and size (the rise of action).

(12) new layer layer5, in section 41 to insert a blank keyframe, open the "Actions-Frame" panel, joined the [stop] command.

(13) this whole animation is complete, save the file, and export it as SWF animation, so you can enjoy your own animation friends.


This animation is achieved by moving background animation effects, background images can actually static, change other elements to achieve animation effects, interested readers can try.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CollSoft DVD to Mobile Video Suite

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